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[TRX Airdrop Event] THE9 Website Renewal

THE9Company Website revamped!! Discover the mordern Experience :) The total prize pool is 4000 TRX!!

๐ŸŽ Total Prize : 4000 TRX
๐Ÿ“… Aug 8, 06:00 ~ Aug 22, 06:00 ( UTC )
โœ… Join the Event : LINK


Enter THE9Company, a pioneering kiosk platform business established in 2019. Our mission is to revolutionize the industry by offering free kiosks to mom-and-pop stores operating in this market. We believe in empowering small businesses and transforming the way kiosks are accessed and utilized. Furthermore, KIOSKs are being utilized in various places, including hotels, pubs, golf driving ranges, and local specialty product markets.

By providing free kiosks, we aim to remove financial barriers and open up new possibilities for mom-and-pop stores to thrive. and Expanding the utilization scope of kiosks is our vision! Our vision is to create a future where businesses can embrace cutting-edge kiosk technology without the burden of upfront costs. Together, we can shape a more accessible and innovative kiosk landscape for all.


ORDER NINE brand is not just a simple payment system that is a BM for existing kiosks used in mom-and-pop stores(restaurants, cafes, etc,) We are pioneering various distribution channels so that it can be used in tourist attractions, hotel rooms, religious institutions, senior centers, and more.

Kiosks that can only accept VAN/PG payments will be equipped with pre-purchase services (discount purchase business) and blockchain mileage services using the blockchain system, creating another path in the Web3.0.

๐Ÿ”ธ[ KIOSK Installation Status ]

KR : (8,000 units in operation) CGV, MEGABOX, Lotteria, Golf Zone, GDR, Gyochon Chicken, Samaksan Cable Car in Chuncheon, Jeju Art Stay, Vista K, Ramada, Hotel Salom, Sweetmay, Busan Griffin Bay Hotel, and churches affiliated with the CCIK, and more.

US : THE9 COMPANY Foundation Corporation

CN : Operates 5,780 units in 375 China tourist attractions (in cooperation with Lvmama, Chinaโ€™s 1st travel agency)

ID : 121 Bus terminals (E-money charging & ticketing kiosks)

Currently, there are 8,000 kiosks installed in Korea, 5,780 in China and 121 in Indonesia, and the number of kiosks used in Korea is constantly increasing.


KT, Hitejinro, Lvmama, UN Habitat, CCIK, WELLNAU, HMCS Welfare Foundation, DOKU, Telkom Indonesia, Shanghai Disneyland, CJ Logistics Corporation, Tโ€™way Air Co, EverLand


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