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THE9's Listing NEWS

Hello, this is THE9Company Foundation! We're thrilled to announce that THE9 will officially be listed on the USDT market of the premium digital asset exchange, COREDAX, on October 4th, after a successful listing review. Kindly note that trading might commence either on the day of the listing or the subsequent day, once deposit, withdrawal, and trading system stability tests are completed.

[Listing Info]

  • Listing Exchange: COREDAX

  • Listing market: USDT

  • Listing Time : October 4th, 3:00 PM (KST) 📅 *Please be advised that the trading time might experience slight delays due to stabilization procedures.

[THE9 Info]

[Project Introduction]

THE9 Point is a virtual asset payment platform that merges point-based mobile gift certificates with THE9 tokens, enabling convenient use at kiosks.

The platform addresses and ameliorates the inherent challenges found in traditional kiosks, such as constrained usage points and imbalanced system revenue distribution. Within the THE9 ecosystem, we bolster user convenience and carve out fresh revenue avenues for our partner stores, positioning ourselves as a groundbreaking kiosk platform. We proudly offer a globally unified point service.

Championing the Web2.0 sector and spreading kiosk technology across the globe, this venture propels kiosk users to distribute and utilize the THE9 token. The THE9 point is available for trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges, and seamless trading is facilitated through its integration with these exchanges and DEX.


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